He has loads of experience

Let's say you wanted to teach at Harvard but had only a high school diploma. Forget it, right? Unless, that is, you're Jesse Ventura, who the university has confirmed will conduct seminars this spring at its school of government. The college dropout and former Navy SEAL, bouncer, actor, and pro wrestler served one high-profile term as governor of Minnesota.

Don't let us catch you again

Under the heading "no crime is too small," comes news from Tokyo about two recent arrests by police that led to confessions. Each involved theft of electricity - one by a man recharging his cellphone from a socket used by a restaurant for its neon sign, the other by a street performer who unplugged a vending machine to power his portable stereo. A spokesman said the force could not allow the incidents to slide ... even though the combined value of the electricity was 1.9 cents.

AARGH! Survey rates most, least stressful US cities

Tacoma, Wash., 30 miles south of Seattle, is the most stressed-out city in the nation, a new survey has found. Tri-city enclaves in New York and Pennsylvania tied for least-harried. For its annual "stress index" published in Money magazine, the research firm BestPlaces of Portland, Ore. (No. 6 most-stressed, by the way), rated 100 large metropolitan areas on such factors as crime, unemployment, divorce, and suicide rates, number of cloudy days, and average commute times. The top five in each category:

Most stressed

1. Tacoma, Wash.
2. Miami
3. New Orleans
4. Las Vegas
5. New York

Most relaxed

1. Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y.
(tie) Harrisburg/Lebanon/ Carlisle, Pa.
3. Orange County, Calif.
4. Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y.
5. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
- Reuters

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