Ringing in the new year

]See if you can identify these 'ringers' or sound-alikes (also known as homonyms) that celebrate our second big holiday of the season. 1. With marmalade,
it's a morning meal.
An honored one;
words with zeal.
2. A bird or beast;
a diner's delight.
On the holiday screen,
both day and night.
3. A shutterbug's goal;
a New Year's notion.
A dieter's promise;
an opinion or motion.
4. Comfort and joy;
a shout at a game.
Food on the table,
a plural refrain.
5. A very good time;
a dressy affair.
A globe or a pigskin;
what drops on
Times Square.
6. Stand under this
to keep yourself dry.
The dark of day;
New Year, so nigh.


(1) toast; (2) game, The Game (as in a widely anticipated contest). (3) resolution; (4) cheer, cheers. (Yes, 'cheer' can mean food, as in 'the table was loaded with holiday cheer.') (5) ball. (6) eave, eve. (Eave may be singular or plural; originally the roof overhang was only singular.)

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