A harvest of homonyms

Can you correctly guess the vegetable, fruit, or grain (and its homonym)? Riddle your way through this crop of verses.

1. A smile that's crooked; naughty, not nice. A hardy bread grain; to soil, some spice.

2. The emblem of Wales, with an oniony nip. A hole or a crack; the source of a drip.

3. It may be straw, or goose, or blue. To cover up in earth - sea, too.

4. Beloved by bunnies, parsley's its 'fam.' An editor's mark; a reward or a gram.

5. Pies may be, this gourd's best show. A courtly game; a crushing blow.

6. An Indian corn; the color of same. A winding excursion; a labyrinth's name.

7. Cabbage and kale, from this mustard 'pack'; a source of heat, it's dark, with 'black.'

8. A cherry's cousin, in the family of rose. The name of a pudding; a vertical pose.

9. A twosome in socks, gloves, and shoes. To cut or trim; a 'prickly' you'd choose?

10. To kick or strike; to win a game. A rooty plant, of sugary fame.


(1) wry, rye; (2) leek, leak; (3) berry, bury; (4) carrot, caret, carrot (again), carat; (5) squash; (6) maize, maze; (7) cole, coal; (8) plum, plumb; (9) pair, pare, pear; (10) beat, beet.

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