See, it's not tell-all at all

No date has been announced, but the butler to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, says he'll "definitely" get together with her two sons to explain why he ignored their wishes and wrote a controversial and revealing book about some of the most poignant experiences in her life. "I'm looking forward to meeting both [Princes] William and Harry," Paul Burrell told reporters. "We have much to talk about." And, oh, by the way, "I also want to outline to them what I did not write about."

This trip brought to you by...

If you missed the announcement, America West Airlines said earlier this week it will soon introduce printed advertising on its seat-back tray tables - all of them in its 143-plane fleet. The first sponsors to, um, bite on the new gimmick: banks, makers of luxury cars, and cable-TV networks.

New poll finds little joy over medicare reform law

Even while the legislation was still being written in Congress, there was widespread suspicion that many older Americans didn't want the costly prescription-drug benefit in the overhaul of the federal Medicare program. Now the results of a wide-ranging new national survey conducted Dec. 1-6 by Connecticut's Sacred Heart University Polling Institute appear to confirm that sentiment. Among its findings on this and other issues, and the percentage of the 1,001 respondents who agreed with each question:

I support the new Medicare program and think its provisions are "about right" 26.8%
The program offers too little 36.1
Wealthier people should pay for Medicare benefits 72.4
I prefer conservative nominees to the US Supreme Court 44.4
Nominees to the Supreme Court should be liberals 21.8
If convicted in the Washington, D.C., sniper case, Lee Malvo should be executed 60.3
I favor a national policy of thinning forests to discourage wildfires 71.3
- PRNewswire

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