He'd suit us perfectly

With an eye toward exports, Fapai Xifu Co., a clothes manufacturer in eastern China, is seeking someone with "worldwide charisma" to represent its brand, says company official Wang Zhen. And he has the ideal candidate in mind: Bill Clinton. Alas, the ex-president hasn't responded to offers for a $2 million contract. Perhaps because Fapai Xifu, which means "French-style suit company" has been e-mailing them to the White House, where President Bush now resides.

Get me to the church...

Earlier this month, Jim Gorringe took his second wife, Dinah Leach. The wedding, in Avonside, New Zealand, was her third. A friend says they've been "special friends" for a few years, although some members of Gorringe's family reportedly were "shocked" when they learned of his plans. This sort of thing does happen, right? Yes, but their case may be unusual, if only because she's 84 and he's seven months shy of 100. The newlyweds expect to continue to live at their current address, the St. James Rest Home.

America's most 'fun' city? The answer may surprise

It's not the Big Apple, but the "Minneapple," as Minneapolis is sometimes known, that tops a new list of the nation's most fun cities. The ranking, commissioned by game company Cranium, was based on criteria such as number of sports teams, arts performances, restaurants, and toy stores (Minneapolis is home to the Mall of America), as well as municipal recreation spending. New York is No. 41, and New Orleans is No. 50. The 10 that top the fun list:

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul
2. Orange County, Calif.
3. San Jose, Calif.
4. Atlanta
5. Chicago
6. Raleigh-Durham- Chapel Hill, N.C.
7. Washington
8. Oakland, Calif.
9. Salt Lake City
10. Seattle

- Chicago Tribune

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