But I'm not offering jujubees

You've probably already purchased the Halloween goodies you'll be handing out. After all, the trick-or-treaters will be arriving at your door tonight. But if you're a last-minute shopper, consider this survey finding: one in 10 Americans does not like - and will not eat - chocolate. In any shape. With or without caramel, shredded coconut, or a coating of colored sugar. On the other hand, there's no word on whether the survey by market research group Mintel International of Chicago asked any children.

State with most 'qualified' school teachers: Wisconsin

Federal education rules require public schools to have "highly qualified teachers" - those with at least a bachelor's degree or who have passed state certification tests - in every core subject by the end of the 2005-2006 academic year. Among the 39 states (and Washington D.C.) that have reported to the Department of Education so far, Wisconsin is closest to achieving that goal; Alaska, where rural teachers often tackle multiple subjects, lags farthest behind. The states with the highest and lowest percentages of highly qualified teachers:

1. Wisconsin 98.6%
2. Idaho 98.1%
3. Arkansas 97.0%
4. Indiana 96.2%
5. Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts 96.0%
1. Alaska 16.0%
2. Alabama 35.3%
3. California 48.0%
4. Nevada 50.0%
5. Rhode Island 63.0% - Associated Press

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