Calling all young poets

Announcing the Monitor's eighth annual student poetry contest! You may submit up to three poems - you choose the subject. Remember to keep the focus of your poem narrow and your descriptions specific.

Anyone in preschool through high school is eligible. Entries must be postmarked (or submitted online) by Friday, Nov. 28. Send your poems to:

The Home Forum, Young Poets Contest
The Christian Science Monitor, P02-20
One Norway Street
Boston, MA 02115

If you'd like us to send you this year's free 'I'm a poet' button, be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped (49 cents) envelope with your entry. We'll publish the winning poems in early December.

Visit the poetry site for writing tips and to read more poems from previous years.

You can also download and print out an 8-1/2 X 11" color poster announcing this contest on the link at the right.

Here are some previous winning poems:

My heart divided

Dreading it all day
only once in a lifetime
Is it my birth mom?

Do I look like her?
Is she tall, skinny, short, pretty?
I am so anxious

People playing drums
firecrackers all night long
buildings all lit up

She is so pretty
I wish I could've had more time
even though it was pouring

I feel so lucky
related to someone alive
What about my birth dad?

I am still BEAMING!
Never will forget that day
My heart divided

Rae Reilly
Grade 6
Winner in 2000

Ode to my big black boots

hip to hip
struttin' it
down the hallway
short skirt
tube top
big black boots

Alissa McCue
Grade 11
Winner in 2000


What is the ocean?
A cycle, a force.
A routine of waves moving in and out.
A landscape with no explanation,
changing its mind from day to day.
I too change like currents,
shallow and deep at the same time.
Dark and gloomy on some days,
bright and joyful on others.
There is an ocean inside of me.
And in you?

Danielle See
Grade 7
Winner in 2001

Apple picking

The apples are red, yellow, and gold
One for me, and one for you
Let's divide them all by two!
After that we see the trees
Enjoy the sights before they freeze!
The leaves are red, yellow, and gold
The trees are mossy, big, and old
Hurry home, it's getting cold.

Emma Sapat
Grade 2
Winner in 2002

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