But I wanted bacon and eggs

If one is setting out to make history, it helps to have the right perspective: Can we agree on that? So, with that in mind, organizer Stipe Oreskovic undertook to feed breakfast simultaneously to enough fellow Croatians Sunday to earn a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records. His staff's best guess is that the effort succeeded, with at least 38,665 folks participating at more than 200 sites. (The existing record is 23,291, set Oct. 13, 2001, in Taiwan.) But "what matters more," Oreskovic said, "is for people to realize how important it is to eat healthy food." And what was on the menu? Corn mush, yogurt, and an apple.

Now, let's throw some darts

Then there are the impressive feats that Paul Hughes accomplished in a span of 24 hours last week. The Waunakee, Wis., retiree began with a hole-in-one in a round of golf Monday afternoon, then followed up Tuesday by bowling a perfect 300 game. Witnesses attested to both achievements.

Are you a logger? Study says your job tops the danger list

Although workplace homicides and accidents often make headlines, safety efforts by employers are paying off, according to findings of a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On-the-job deaths fell 6.6 percent last year to 5,524. The average of four deaths per 100,000 workers was the lowest since such the agency began tracking such data in 1992. While highway accidents accounted for one-quarter of worker deaths, loggers had the highest percentage rate. The 10 most dangerous jobs, by fatalities per 100,000:

1. Timber cutters 117.8
2. Fishermen 71.1
3. Pilots/navigators 69.8
4. Structural metal workers 58.2
5. Drivers-sales workers (i.e. pizza delivery) 37.9
6. Roofers 37.0
7. Electrical power installers 32.5
8. Farm workers 28.0
9. Construction workers 27.7
10. Truck drivers 25.0 -

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