I'll have the filet mignon

If, as Shakespeare wrote, music is the food of love, classical music apparently reverses the equation. That's the conclusion of researchers in England who've studied the situation. According to their report, when restaurants played Bach, Mozart or other such music in the background, their patrons were inspired to feel sophisticated and affluent - and they responded by ordering the priciest entrees: £24 ($40 US) or more each. By contrast, when the music was by Britney Spears, spending fell to less than £22 ($36.75). No music: £21 ($35) tops. Said a restaurateur who made his establishment available for the study: "This will definitely affect what we play in the future."

Oh, guard! Guard!!

In Hopewell, N.Y., Sheriff Phil Povero thought the public deserved an inside look at the new Ontario County Jail, so he held an open house last week. About 1,200 folks came, most of them spending a half-hour or so and then leaving. And the others? "Unfortunately, in a few areas if the door closed behind them, they got locked in," Povero said. But by nightfall, "everyone was out."

Rejection: Celebrities who usually refuse autographs

When it comes to autographs, "Charlie's Angels" star Cameron Diaz is the least approachable celebrity entertainer, according to a survey by Autograph Collector magazine. By contrast, Colin Farrell, whose recent film credits include "Daredevil" and "The Recruit," actresses Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Love Hewitt, and singer LeAnn Rimes were hailed as especially fan-friendly. The celebrities rated least likely to give their John Hancock:

1. Cameron Diaz
2. Bruce Willis
3. Demi Moore
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Shannon Elizabeth
6. Janet Jackson
7. Catherine Zeta-Jones
8. Eric Bana
9. Hugh Jackman
10. Christina Aguilera - Associated Press

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