Phrases from pastimes

If you spend too much time on your pastime, you're said to 'ride a hobby.' Can you identify the hobbies and games identified with these terms and expressions?

1. Trumping a trick

2. Pocketing a ball

3. Tickling the ivories

4. Advancing a peg

5. Slipping a stitch

6. Throwing a pot

7. Laying a wash

8. Passing to the left

9. Castling a king

10. Suckers and water sprouts

11. Forming a hierarchy

12. Fretting a note

13. Goal-sticking

14. Panning a subject

15. Stripping and staining

16. Wicking

17. Winding a bobbin

18. Cross-stitching


(1) bridge (taking a set of cards with a card of the highest value); (2) pool (sinking a shot); (3) piano playing (slang); (4) cribbage (moving along the cribbage board with a peg); (5) knitting (losing a stitch on the needle); (6) ceramics (shaping clay into a pot on a wheel); (7) painting (applying a light color to paper); (8) hearts (passing cards to an opponent); (9) chess (moving a king to another safer position); (10) gardening (long, vertical shoots); (11) solitaire (completing a sequence of cards by value); (12) guitar playing (holding down a string along a ridge to raise the tone); (13) kick-the-can (staying near the can that would set captured players free); (14) photography (moving the camera while the shutter is open); (15) furniture refinishing (taking off old stain - or paint - and restaining); (16) candlemaking (material for wicks); (17) sewing (putting thread on a spool); (18) embroidery (one stitch crossed over another, forming an X).

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