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What: If dinosaurs could talk, this site provides accounts of what they might say. And eat. And do in their spare time.

Best points: This is as close to a museum exhibit as anything online. The Dinosaur Dictionary profiles 300 of the ancient creatures, including the pronunciation of their scientific names; the order, suborder, and family to which they belong; where they once lived; their average height and weight; and a shadowed drawing of their appearance.

"I tip the scales at 100 tons," bellows the Seismosaurus, one of the longest dinosaurs to ever roam the earth and just one of 20 that "speaks" on this site - a list that includes Ankylosaurus, Baronyx, and Pachycephalosaurus. "At my size, I don't have any natural enemies other than old age or accidents," Seismosaurus continues. "It's best not to get underfoot when I'm around."

What you should know: With links devoted to the discovery and classification of dinosaurs, where to see them, and theories/controversies surrounding them, this site caters to a wide range of ages and levels of familiarity with the subject. And, just like a museum, it has the online equivalent of a gift store: a shopping link.

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