Point of view: Finding joy

On occasion I go to press events, not to cover the proceedings per se, but to see what tangential photographs of interest I can find. The other day I went to a Boston bus station to take in a "bus parade." Against a backdrop of gleaming vehicles, city and state officials introduced a new fleet. The politicians at the podium and the ribbon- cutting held no interest for me. I shot around the edges of the event: regular riders peering in the windows of the shiny new vehicles and people-boarding-buses images to use for future transportation stories.

Something at center stage did capture me, though: the joy of Ben Haynes. Mr. Haynes, a consultant to Boston's transit system for 27 years, stood with the other officials. Blinded during his military service, he'd struggled to claim his rights as a disabled vet. Once he had, he vowed to help others with disabilities do the same. But you can have all the services and opportunities in the world, he says, and they are useless if you can't get there via public transportation. The rollout of the new environmentally friendly buses, designed with easy access for seniors and those with disabilities, brought this smile to his face.

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