The first postwar cabinet in Iraq probably will be announced next week, the interim Governing Council said, and the new Constitution should be in place within six months. But that news was tempered by angry demands by journalists for an official investigation into the shooting death of a Reuters news cameraman by US soldiers as he was videotaping outside a Baghdad prison that had been hit by mortar fire. An Army spokesman said he had been mistaken for a resistance fighter and his camera for a grenade launcher.

The delay in handing control of two more West Bank cities to the Palestinian Authority (PA) should be resolved as soon as Monday in negotiations with Israel's representatives, the former said. Jericho and Qalqiliya were to be the latest cities where Israeli troops removed security checkpoints - a major source of friction. But on Sunday negotiators for the Jewish state sought details on how the PA intended to keep gunmen and other militants from carrying out terrorist attacks. Islamic Jihad has threatened new attacks in revenge for the killing of one of its senior leaders last week. Israel said he was planning a bombing mission.

Taliban fighters were boasting of one of their most successful campaigns so far in southeastern Afghanistan, a Sunday night attack on an Army outpost that resulted in the deaths of three soldiers and the capture of four others. The raid followed by one day the killing of six other soldiers in the same area and other incidents last week, among them the bombing of a bus. The Taliban also scorned suggestions that they retreat into Pakistan between attacks, saying, "We have no need..."

A helicopter carrying President Alvaro Uribe hastily retreated after coming under machine-gun fire from ambush Sunday while preparing to land at a town in northern Colombia. No injuries were reported in the incident. Suspicion fell on rebels of the communist Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), who devastated the town, Granada, three years ago. It was at least the third attempt to kill Uribe, who's leading a crackdown against FARC and other illegal armed organizations. Amid intense security precautions, he returned to Granada later in the day, saying, "I couldn't leave the town abandoned" to the rebels.

Electricity cutbacks of 50 percent were in effect across Ontario as the province began its first full week since North America's largest blackout. A major test was Toronto's subway system, which carries more than 1 million passengers a day but has been closed since the blackout began Thursday. Large employers, such as Ford and DaimlerChysler, were taking plants offline or otherwise reducing consumption until the province returns to full power, which could take several days, officials said.

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