A mother's prayer for her child

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

How do you Help your child when she is a million miles away and sick, and you can't be there to help her? The shrill ring of the telephone in the middle of the night made me jump on the phone in a second. One of our daughters was calling from Peru, where she and her sister were on an adventure holiday. She told me that her sister had become ill.

I prayed for my daughter. It was the one thing I knew best that would have results. Since the time when my daughters were ages 7 and 9, we had relied on nothing else but prayer each time either of them was in trouble.

They had watched me when I was ill in hospital. When I came home I couldn't look after them. I wanted to get well for them. I prayed each night for God to give me strength to be well again.

I looked at all the paintings, love letters, and pictures they had made for me. They covered the walls of our house. My husband did as much as he could, but I felt so useless as a parent.

About this time somebody told me about Mary Baker Eddy's book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I bought a copy. I read this book for hours on end each day.

I discovered so many new things in this book I never knew before. I discovered God as Mother. I knew then if God was Mother, She couldn't leave any of Her children outside of Her care. I realized how much I adored my children and wanted the best for them, and I saw that that is how God loved and wanted everything for me, except infinitely so. I longed to let that love reach me. I had to see how worthy I was to be loved and cared for.

One day I sat by my heavenly Mother's feet and let Her fill me up with Her love. I didn't resist or object that I wasn't good enough. I just forgot myself in the love that my Mother poured on me. She opened my eyes and showed me the beauty of Her universe filled with goodness. Where had I been all this time? She opened my ears, and I heard the music of the birds singing. Why hadn't I heard it before? She opened my heart and let me love every child in the world, not just my own. She opened my thoughts and showed me a whole new way of seeing good around me.

From that day my strength increased. I began to embrace our whole world family. One day, I was doing everything for my children again. They had witnessed this transformation. And now one of them was in trouble and she wanted me to pray with her to our heavenly Mother.

I took her to our divine Mother's presence. I knew that no matter where my daughters went and what I worried about, nothing could take away God's love and goodness for us all. Our Mother had Her purpose for each child. Nothing could violate the sanctity of God's love for all His/Her children.

I trusted God as Mother to look after my child that night. In the morning we rang them up. The rest of the party had moved on to the next part of the trip. My daughter had fully recovered, and the tour organizer was going to take her to join the rest of the group.

I remember my mother once told me that she prayed for me before I was born. I was so surprised. "What did you ask God on my behalf?" I asked her. She told me: "That God would always keep you close to Himself." I discovered the Mother-love of God through her prayers - Love that doesn't fail any of Her children.

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world," goes a familiar saying. Lives of many great men and women bear testimony to this idea. God answers a parent's prayer, because God is the ultimate Parent, Father-Mother God.

It is safe to pray for your children today. God is listening.

I will not leave you comfortless:
I will come to you.
John 14:18

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