Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader, longtime consumer activist and Green Party presidential candidate in 2000, was Thursday's guest. Excerpts from his remarks follow:

On what about the current democratic candidates makes him consider another white house bid:

"First of all, the unwillingness or inability to go after the principal vulnerability of the Republican Party and George W. Bush, which is the corporate crime, fraud, and abuse wave that has swept the country in a more intensified level in the last three years."

On his time frame to decide about running:

"By the end of the year."

On flaws of the two-party system:

"There are few major differences between the two parties and the similarities tower over the dwindling real differences that they are willing to fight over."

On third-party potential:

"There are not that many votes up for grabs except the 100 million people who don't vote and they are very hard to reach."

On whether president bush can be beaten in 2004:

"He is very vulnerable but not if you campaign the way the major candidates - except for [Howard] Dean and [US Rep. Dennis] Kucinich - are campaigning. You cannot win an election against George W. Bush while treating him as a wartime president."

On vice president cheney:

"He is a snarler on TV, whereas Bush is a smirker.... He is the driving force. He is the most reactionary networker inside the Bush administration and the 41 high officials who come from the oil industry."

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