Monitor Quiz: Beastly turns of phrase

Many animals have earned reputations for themselves in our language, for better or for worse.

For example: What creature are we talking about when we say that we've won a contest by a large margin? A skunk - as in to "skunk" an opponent. When we search diligently for an answer? We "ferret" it out!

See if you can match the following definitions to the list of animals below. (The answers are at the bottom.)

1. to mimic

2. to complain

3. to inform on

4. to boast in triumph

5. to curve around, as in a road

6. to hoard (with "away")

7. to engage in foolish behav- ior (with "around")

8. to search for by dredging, diving, or cunning

9. to evade duty by trickery (with "out")

10. to pay (with "up")

11. to sell openly in the streets

12. to stretch one's neck

13. to take more than one's share

14. to eat hungrily (with "down")

15. to annoy or bother

a. to BUG

b. to HAWK

c. to HOG

d. to PONY up

e. to HORSE or MONKEY around

f. to CRANE

g. to APE

h. to FISH

i. to CROW

j. to SQUIRREL away

k. to SNAKE

l. to WEASEL out


n. to WOLF down

o. to RAT on


(1) g; (2) m; (3) o; (4) i; (5) k; (6) j; (7) e; (8) h; (9) l; (10) d; (11) b; (12) f; (13) c; (14) n; (15) a.

SOURCES: The World Book Dictionary; Webster's Dictionary; The Center for Applied Research in Education.

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