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Fresh fruit, out in the open

Most everybody likes the idea of eating fruit. But once put into a refrigerator, those fresh apples, strawberries, and grapes can sometimes go unnoticed until after they've begun to compost.

The Fruit Saver, from TechnoScout, might help consumers keep better track of their fruit while keeping it cool. This electric bowl comes with a clear lid, displaying fruit while maintaining a temperature of between 52 and 58 degrees.

Suggested price: $70

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When the water powers the hose

Garden hoses often lie in a tangled mess somewhere next to the house or shed - often half full of water. Hydro-Industries has designed a system to capitalize on a hose's untapped energy, and bring a little more organization to the garden at the same time.

The AutoRewind Hose Reel automatically recoils, relying on the water pressure that remains after turning off a hose. A lever turns the device on, and the remaining pressure activates a piston-powered engine, reeling in the hose.

The device does not require batteries or electricity for operation. It can accommodate hoses between 110 to 200 feet in length.

Suggested price: $80 to $150

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Sirloin and school spirit

Grill cooks have long been able to fashion meals that reflect their personal tastes. For example, choosing woodchips instead of charcoal for flavoring. Now, barbecue owners can brand their meat with the logo of their favorite college or university.

Frontgate's College Emblem Grill has a two-inch branding iron attached to its cooking surface. The brand features one of 16 school insignias.

A school emblem is seared onto a piece of meat after it's placed on top of the heated brand. The 160-pound stainless-steel grill is part of a larger branding trend in America. Dozens of hand-held barbecue branding irons with various logos and personal names are now sold online.

Suggested price: $1,300

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