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Richard Thompson believes there's a conspiracy against him in the canine world. Really, he said that ... after a passing Rottweiler took a bite from the seat of his pants on an Upper East Side street in New York earlier this month. So, who's Thompson? Well, it seems he's president of a cat- food company that's sponsoring a new half-hour weekly cable feature on the Oxygen Network, "Meow TV," which claims to be "the first show ... dedicated to all the things that keep cats happy."

So make it worth our while

Why would a company that markets a lubricant be upset at some members of the Texas Legislature? Answer: because the latter call themselves WD-40s, a reference to the fact that they're white Democrats and in their fourth decade of life. But although the WD-40 Co. of San Diego understands that the use of its trademark "may be all in fun," it's asking the Texans to cease. The lawmakers have countered by inquiring about the possibilities of "an endorsement deal."

'Protection money': Cities with most counterterror aid

When the Department of Homeland Security recently released its list of the 30 cities considered most at risk of a terrorist attack, Las Vegas wasn't on it. But officials there, far from breathing a sigh of relief, are fuming at the omission, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Reason: Cities on the list will share $500 million in new funding for "first responders" such as police and firefighters. A further $25 million remains to be awarded. The 10 cities earmarked for the biggest protection grants (in millions):

1. New York $125.0
2. Washington 42.4
3. Chicago 30.0
4. Houston 23.8
5. Los Angeles 18.9
6. San Francisco 18.6
7. Seattle 18.2
8. Boston 16.7
9. Denver 15.6
10. Philadelphia 14.2
- Associated Press

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