Helping others in the path

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Have you seen "Four Feathers"? It's a movie about an English soldier whose name is Harry and an African, named Abou, who helps him. Harry is afraid of fighting in a war, and he is given four white feathers from his friends, showing him that they think he is a coward.

Later in the movie, Abou finds Harry in the desert, lost and almost dead. He provides him with food and safe travel, and then continues to be his friend and support. He even helps Harry know that he is not a coward. With Abou's help, Harry then saves the lives of his soldier friends who gave him the white coward feathers.

At one point Harry asks Abou, "Why are you doing all this for me?" Abou responds, "God put you in my path." Isn't that an amazing way to think about your life? It's saying, "I have a responsibility to help and care for others who come into my life and are on my path."

Actually, this same message is in the Bible. Remember the story Jesus told about how to be a good neighbor? It was about a man on a journey who was a Samaritan. He found someone wounded and half dead on the road (his path) as he traveled, and he stopped to help him. He bandaged the man's wounds, brought him to an inn, and took care of him. He even left some money just in case something more would be needed. Jesus ended his story by saying, "Go and do likewise." (You can read the whole story in Luke 10: 30-37.)

Jesus obviously expected us to help and care for others. Why would this be so important? Over and over Jesus told about God's love for all of us. About how God fathers us, heals us, and keeps us safe. Being able to love others is one way that we're like our Father, God. So it's natural for us to love and take care of others, just as God does. It's how God is using us to do His loving.

Also, Jesus taught that God's love and power are so much greater than we can even imagine. Maybe that's why the Samaritan (and the African in the movie) didn't worry or feel selfish about sharing. He knew that the good he had from God wouldn't run out. There would always be plenty.

Do you want to be like the Good Samaritan and Abou and help others? You can start by keeping your eyes open for opportunities. They're really all over. Maybe your brother needs help with homework, or maybe your mom has too many packages to carry. Maybe someone at school doesn't have a friend. You can go right over and help.

Sometimes I ask God to show me whom He'd like me to help and then to show me how to do it. You can do this too.

One time a friend on my path, who plays soccer, injured her foot and had to go to the hospital. She told me that she was afraid. I knew that no matter where she was, God would be right there with her. I shared this with her. She thanked me and said that she was sure this idea would help her not to be afraid.

One important way to help others is with your thinking. You might see someone on TV or read a news article about someone who needs help. You may not be able to do anything yourself, but you can think about that someone, or that situation, the way God would. Thinking this way is really a prayer. This will help everyone to see God's love right where they are. And it can help make things better.

In "Four Feathers," because Abou saved Harry, Harry was able to save the lives of his three friends. So a good thing grows bigger and bigger. The good you do will be like that. It can keep on growing and keep on helping others.

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