Which US daily newspapers are selling the most copies

Newspaper circulation in the US mostly held steady for the six months ending March 31. But it dipped 0.1 percent from the same period last year, the Audit Bureau of Circulations reported. That reflects a slow but ongoing decline in readership, according to the Newspaper Association of America, as the print media aggressively pursue ways to win new subscribers. Among major papers, the editorially conservative New York Post experienced the biggest shift, gaining 10.2 percent. The top 10, by average weekday circulation:

1. USA Today 2,250,474
2. The Wall Street Journal 1,820,600
3. New York Times 1,130,740
4. Los Angeles Times 979,549
5. Washington Post 796,367
6. New York Daily News 737,030
7. Chicago Tribune 621,055
8. New York Post 620,080
9. Newsday of New York's Long Island 579,351
10. Houston Chronicle 548,508 - Associated Press

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