We're way ahead of you

The answer, as you might expect, is "yes." The question (what else?): Is the dramatic rescue of former US prisoner of war Jessica Lynch going to be made into a movie? In fact, NBC already has announced that work has begun on a script, adding in a statement, "Her inspiring story is one that provides a message of hope despite great odds." This, despite the fact that her family have said they aren't ready to discuss selling the rights to the ordeal. NBC said its movie likely will air by year's end.

I'll go to the mat on this

From Iwate, Japan, comes word that 10 new members have been elected to the local assembly, one of them a newcomer to politics. So what? Well, only that he campaigned under his professional name: the Great Sasuke. He's a pro wrestler whose trademark is a black and white mask with scarlet streaks and little golden wings, which he says he intends to wear to assembly meetings. Already, his future colleagues aren't so sure they like that idea. Said one: "There is no law specifically forbidding it. But now that he has won, we must look into the issue."

For Mike Weir: Win Masters and watch what happens

Canadian left-hander Mike Weir's professional golf career took a dramatic swing for the better at the Masters Tournament last weekend. His playoff victory catapulted him from 10th place to 5th in the world rankings - Tiger Woods is No. 1 - and pushed him above Woods in prize money earned so far on this year's PGA tour. The top 10 money-winners on the tour to date (in millions) and the golfers' home countries, if not the US:

1. Mike Weir (Canada) $3.29
2. Tiger Woods 3.07
3. Davis Love III 2.88
4. Ernie Els (South Africa) 2.07
5. Jim Furyk 1.78
6. Jay Haas 1.36
7. Vijay Singh (Fiji) 1.28
8. Justin Leonard 1.26
9. Chad Campbell 1.24
10. Scott Hoch 1.12
- Reuters

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