It's a good time to pray

For kids

When I was a little girl, our country was at war. I felt safe, but I remember being afraid that my dad might have to go and fight in that war. One day he had on new khaki pants like the soldiers wore, and I was even more afraid. As it turned out, he didn't have to go.

Maybe the idea of someone you love going to war is a scary thing to you, or maybe there are other things that scare you. It's a good time to pray. And you can include all of the kids (and grown-ups) all over the world in your prayers.

Psalm 91 in the Bible tells about how God helps us. It uses word pictures to show that we're always with God and always safe. When you read the psalm and think about it, it will be like a prayer.

The psalm begins: "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." A secret place. A place where we can go and be with God. That place isn't just in the East or the West, or in any one geographical spot. You get to it by thinking about God.

What is your favorite thing about God? That He is all-powerful? That He loves you? Think of things you love about God. This helps you feel close to Him. You'll feel as if His arms are around you, and you'll feel safe. That's being in your own secret place.

The psalm says you need to dwell there, to stay with God in your thoughts. Then you'll be under God's shadow. This reminds us of how close we are to Him. We're right there, covered by His mighty power.

Keep reading, and you'll find other pictures that help you know how God takes care of you.

God is like a fortress. Think of a thick, walled place that's totally protected. There isn't anything stronger than God.

God is like a huge bird, and we're under His soft feathers, protected by His mighty wings. Just like being wrapped up in a huge blanket and held in your mom's or dad's arms.

There are angels in the psalm too. They are messages from God that say, "You're with Me. I will always love you and take care of you, no matter where you are. Even if you think there is danger, I'll be with you." God's love doesn't change or run out. He's not so busy loving other kids that He forgets to love you. He has enough love for everyone, everywhere.

One of the verses warns us not to believe what our eyes and ears tell us. Pictures on TV can look pretty scary sometimes. So it's important to decide what to trust. Will you trust what you know about God? Or will you trust what your eyes and ears are telling you? Remember, if you trust God and keep thinking about Him, you'll stay in that secret place, where you are completely protected.

You can think about the psalm at bedtime and when you wake up. You can think about it during lunch, or when you're out playing. And in school, too. These are good times to pray. Even just a one-second thought can be a prayer. And it will make a difference.

Your prayers will help you and help kids all over the world. The woman who started this newspaper, Mary Baker Eddy, wrote that every good thought we think acts like armor for us, strong armor that shields us from evil. You put on that armor when you pray. It's a good time to pray.

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