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What: Time for Kids is an attractive and award-winning news site designed for kids but with resources for teachers and parents.

Best Points: In addition to the kid-friendly presentation of national and international news headlines (check out the clickable news ticker), the site has an excellent portal for hot topics, such as its current feature on the war in Iraq.

Children can click their way through biographies of world leaders and their stances on the war, information about the UN, history of the conflict, a Q&A, and a news archive on Iraq. If you or your children need the facts, this is the site.

There is also a section with news and letters written by kid reporters. Kids will dig the choose-your-own-adventure game "Headline Deadline," and will want to participate in the online polls.

What you should know: TimeforKids.com is the online companion to the children's magazine published by Time, Inc. It is updated daily and has a wealth of searchable news, polls, research tools, and games. Parents and teachers will find the site to be a valuable and entertaining tool for getting kids excited about current events.

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