So why did you bother?

In Trondheim, Norway, police were assigned earlier this month to tail a car whose driver had left a set of pumps without paying for a tankful of gasoline. But to their astonishment, before they could pull him over, he drove straight to the garage attached to their station, entered it, and parked. Was he a cop? No. It turns out he had stolen the vehicle as well as the fuel but then apparently had a pang of conscience and wanted to ensure that it would be returned to its owner.

Sure, I remember her

If you haven't heard, someone highly familiar to television viewers - although not so often lately - will be making a return to the tube as host of a brand-new series. It's described as a reality dating show in which a group of "average-looking guys" whose identities are hidden try to win the affections of an attractive young woman. Each week, she'll eliminate one of them until making her final choice. "Mr. Personality" is scheduled to make its debut April 21 on Fox. Oh, yes, the host: Monica Lewinsky.

Foot patrol: New survey lists best cities in which to walk

You might not think it, but traffic- choked New York, mile-high Denver, and windy Chicago are three of the best cities in the US in which to walk, according to a results of a survey in Prevention magazine. The survey, conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, rated heavily populated areas on such criteria as air quality, pedestrian safety, rainfall, number of parks and sporting goods stores, and the percentage of residents who walk to work. The top 10 US cities in which to pick 'em up and lay 'em down:

1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. Boston
4. Philadelphia
5. Seattle
6. Denver
7. Washington
8. Chicago
9. Portland, Ore.
10. Cleveland - PR Newswire

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