Monitor quiz: Who do they lead?

English is rich in foreign influences, including names for leaders. All of these titles appear in our newspapers, history books, and dictionaries. Can you match the leaders in the top list to their origins below?

1. honcho
2. czar
3. shogun
4. mikado
5. rajah
6. sheik
7. maharajah
8. consul
9. capo
10. kaiser
11. bwana
12. commissar
13. satrap
14. sahib
15. don

a. Italian crime chief (literally, "head")

b. Russian emperor before 1917 (from "Caesar")

c. Japanese emperor (historical; it means "exalted gate")

d. Chief magistrate of ancient Rome (smartypants extra credit: also an official in the French Republic from 1799-1804)

e. German emperor (also from "Caesar")

f. A prince or chief of India

g. Swahili for "master" or "boss"

h. Japanese military leader (pre-1867)

i. Russian communist party leader

j. Indian prince (Sanskrit)

k. Japanese squad leader, or "big shot"

l. Arab tribal chief or Muslim religious leader (literally, "old man")

m. Persian governor or ruler

n. Title used in colonial India when speaking to or of a European

o. Spanish nobleman


(1) k; (2) b; (3) h; (4) c; (5) f; (6) l; (7) j; (8) d; (9) a; (10) e; (11) g; (12) i; (13) m; (14) n; (15) o.

SOURCES: 'Foreignisms,' by Tad Tuleja; 'A Concise Dictionary of Foreign Words and Expressions,' by B.A. Phythian; 'Cassell's Foreign Words and Phrases,' by Adrian Room; The World Book Dictionary'; Webster's Dictionary.

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