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Don't be alarmed by a smoky oven

Smoke detectors are essential guardians of the home. But you don't want to hear one shriek just because you've seared the chocolate sauce, leaving dinner guests to tend the stove as you teeter on a chair to yank the batteries - temporarily - out of the blaring device.

Those wishing to avoid such kitchen acrobatics might consider First Alert's new Remote Controlled Smoke Detector, the only smoke alarm that can be silenced using a TV remote control. (Just point it at the detector, press any button, and get back to cooking.)

Suggested price: $33

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Unseeing eye to bluff would-be robbers

What if you had a surveillance camera outside your house that did everything but record?

It wouldn't help the police identify the perpetrators after a break-in, but it might deter would-be perps from trying to get in at all.

The Dummy Surveillance Camera from HSN Improvements is a high-tech take on a classic: the bogus "Beware of Dog" sign.

A cable runs from its back into the house. A lens sticks out of the end, and a red light gives the impression that the device is activated. The camera is about five times smaller than most real surveillance cameras, so it won't make your house look like Sing Sing.

Suggested price: $30

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Pockets for your socks

Joggers who don't want to carry a subway pass or set of keys often tuck the objects into their shoes. After a little slippage, that can become uncomfortable. The Socaroo "Sock with a Pocket" attempts to solve the problem.

The socks, available in crew and ankle styles, feature a Velcro pocket for each ankle.

The pockets come with the black Socaroo logo, but customers can place special orders for custom-designed logos.

Suggested price: $5 per pair.

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