You may remember my dad

They've been numerous: Nancy Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Hank Williams Jr., and Julian Lennon, to name a few. Now the offspring of another legendary musician is pursuing recording success in her own right. Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of you-know-who, is winning favorable reviews for "Lights Out," a "bluesy" single from her soon-to-debut first album.

Quote of the day

'It's a stupid idea.... I don't see any benefit from it, apart from venting our anger.'

- Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhamad, disagreeing with Osama bin Laden's purported audiotaped call for Muslims to fight for Iraq on the pretext of jihad, or "holy war."

Celebrities you'd probably hang up on if they phoned

While the likelihood of receiving such a call is remote (in the extreme), reality-TV show host and ex-photographer's model Anna Nicole Smith tops a list of celebrities whom Americans say they wouldn't care to hear from on Valentine's Day. The list results from a nationwide poll commissioned by SBC Communications of San Antonio, Texas, the US's second largest local telephone service provider. The top names on the don't-bother-me list and their TV networks, by percentage:

1. Anna Nicole Smith, "The Anna Nicole Show" (E!) 35%
2. Kelly Osbourne, "The Osbournes" (MTV) 21%
3. Evan Marriott, star of "Joe Millionaire" (Fox) 10%
4. Simon Cowell, British record executive and judge on "American Idol" (Fox) 8%
- PR Newswire

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