Despite his outspoken antiwar views, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder said his government would allow US and British forces full use of military bases on its soil if war erupted against Iraq. His commitment came as NATO delegates wrestled for a third day over US-sought preparations to defend Turkey against counterattack by Iraq. But France, one of three members vetoing that request, said its stance on military intervention in Iraq hadn't changed, adding: "We cannot give our support."

The purported call by Osama bin Laden for Muslims to respond with suicide attacks against Americans preparing for attacks against Iraq was widely rejected by Islamic elders and government leaders across Asia. US officials have said they believe the audiotaped message is genuine.

For the first time in months, Israeli Army tanks were patrolling Bethlehem and a curfew was in place after a Palestinian sniper killed a soldier in front of the Church of the Nativity. Tanks had been absent from the West Bank city since last June. The incident, along with new violence in Qalqiliya in the West Bank and the shooting deaths of two armed Palestinians attempting to scale a security fence in the northern Gaza Strip came despite resumed discussions between senior Israelis and Palestinians on a cease-fire.

Months of effort aimed at a reconciliation between democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi and the military junta of Myanmar (Burma) appeared in jeopardy. The latter scorned Suu Kyi's Union Day call for "dialogue for the good of the entire people," who, she said, were suffering socially and economically. But in a statement, the State Peace and Development Council termed her and her National League for Democracy "destructive elements" whose "dangers" must be warded off.

Ten hours of impeachment debate and a close vote in Paraguay's Senate failed to oust unpopular President Luis Gonzalez Macchi from office for alleged fraud and misappropriation of government funds. Gonzalez Macchi survived the effort by a margin of 25 to 18, with one abstention. His way now is clear to serve until the nation's presidential election, April 27, in which he is not a candidate.

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