Whew, that was a close one!

Remember an item in this space last Friday about a Japanese student's experience aboard a train that would have whisked her into Tokyo when she only wanted to ride to the next town? Well, now comes word of the harrowing encounter another Japanese had with the rail system. He was taking a short cut on foot across the tracks in the city of Fuji when he heard a train approaching from behind. Anyone else would have run for it, right? Alas, he's 82 and too slow for that. Solution: drop between the rails. It worked. The train rumbled by, leaving him shaken but unscathed.

Is the week of may 5 taken?

Psst, got a little disposable income? How'd you like to rent an entire country for a few days? OK, so it's only 60 miles square. Still, the European principality of Liechtenstein plans to make itself available for corporate conferences and (thus) increased tourism. No word yet on the cost. But you'll get a packaged program including, if you like, special appearances by local officials - except for the monarch, Prince Hans-Adam, that is.

Quote of the day

'It is important [that] Europe speak with a single voice. We have to note it has not yet found that voice.'

- A European Union spokesman, as governments on the Continent line up on opposing sides on war against Iraq.

Be my valentine: New poll samples kids' views on love

Simply spending time together ranks among the top choices of teens and preteens for ways to be romantic, according to results of a new survey by pollster Harris Interactive. In a poll of 1,405 Americans 8 to 18, 78 percent said they believe in "true love." By contrast, only 9 percent said such expressions as matching tattoos were important to a relationship. There also was a wide divergence in whom teens said they turn to for information and advice on the subject. The top 10 sources, by percentage:

1. Friends 56%
2. Mother 49%
3. TV 41%
4. School 37%
5. Father 30%
6. Brother or sister 25% (tie) Books
8. Magazines 22%
9. Boyfriend or girlfriend 21%
10. Religious teachings 17% - PR Newswire

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