But some songs remain the same

What does it mean when you get sentimental over other people's children? The way I do over this little note on wrinkled paper. It fell from a folder of yellowing music I was de-accessioning from the Generation Gap band of parents and children we used to have in the basement.

The note was addressed to a child named David and must have been taken on the phone upstairs while we rehearsed "Son of a Preacher Man" or maybe "Harper Valley PTA." You can guess the era.

"Your mother called to say that you are to use some of the money Paul gives you (for the ticket) to buy some supper at the game."

No need to change names to protect the innocent.

The band never played "Thanks for the Memory" (what eighth-grader would?), but that's the way I feel now. I can hear the boys' voices better than their instruments. I didn't know about the parent nurturing by wire and another parent writing down the message and being sure it was delivered. If we'd had cellphones there would be no evidence now.

Does anyone say "you are" to do something anymore? Does anyone buy an extra ticket and calculate that not all the reimbursement will be needed for supper? Can instructions without feedback be assumed to be carried out?

Yes, in my sentimental mood, such things still happen. Only the songs change.

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