How much extra for cheese?

"This is not about price. This is an event," says Marc Sherry, owner of the Old Homestead steakhouse in New York, now serving what is billed as "the world's most decadent hamburger." And it may well be. The burger is made of 20 ounces of beef from Kobe, Japan, where the herds get daily massages. It's served on a special roll with exotic mushrooms, shredded baby lettuce, and yes, you get fries with that. The cost? $41

Gained a few, have we?

It was bitterly cold in Leverkusen, Germany, and police found it odd when a young man strolled by in just a light jacket. After stops in two department stores, "his girth had increased significantly," police said. A quick check determined that the sudden gain was due to the pullover, shirt, jacket, swim trunks, and several pairs of undergarments gracing his spare frame.

Quote of the day

'The bottom line is this: I love the company and will do whatever I can to make it successful.'

- Steve Case, in a statement announcing his resignation as chairman of online and media giant AOL Time Warner Inc.

For worker satisfaction, smaller is often better

Small companies appear to have an edge over their larger counterparts in creating a happy work environment. On Fortune magazine's latest list of the 100 best firms to work for, 45 had fewer than 5,000 employees - although first placeholder Edward Jones has five times that amount. Fortune's top 10 best places to work in 2003, their respective industries (in parentheses) and employee tallies:

1. Edward Jones, St. Louis (brokerage network) 25,000
2. Container Store, Dallas (retailer) 1,700
3. Alston & Bird, Atlanta (law firm) 1,300
4. Xilinx, San Jose, Calif. (programmable logic chips) 2,000
5. Adobe Systems, San Jose, Calif. (software) 2,500
6. American Cast Iron Pipe, Birmingham, Ala. 2,500
7. TDIndustries, Dallas (construction) 1,500
8. J.M. Smucker, Orrville, Ohio (jams & jellies) 2,500
9. Synovus Financial Corp., Columbus, Ga. (bank holding company) 11,000
10. Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester, N.Y. (supermarket chain) 28,000

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