Decode these word riddles

How many homonyms can you identify? Watch out for the close calls - such as "sold/soled."

1. A wagging part

That's so inclined;

A tall, tall story,

At the end of the line.

2. Pleats that shape

A garment part;

A penguin suit

So stylishly smart.

3. A way to see

The world by sea;

Some working teams,

A searching spree.

4. A rubbery length,

A tube filled with water;

For weeding or digging,

Socks for my daughter.

5. A horse's trot,

A fee to enter;

A fence's door

At ends or center.

6. A parent's boy,

The family heir;

What calls for 'screen,'

Heats up the air.

7. Groups of sheep,

A lot of crows;

A garden flower

So stately grows.

8. A packing donkey,

A way to survive;

An earthy tunnel,

One of New York's five.

9. A horse-drawn cab

In a city park;

A fellow tall

With this and dark.

10. The Andes are here,

This stew's a hot one;

Red peppers by name,

And nippy, no sun?


(1) tail, tale; (2) tucks, tux; (3) cruise, crews; (4) hose, hoes, hose; (5) gait, gate; (6) son, sun; (7) flocks, phlox; (8) burro, burrow, borough; (9) hansom, handsome; (10) Chile, chili, chilly.

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