While vowing not to give in to US pressure, North Korea is committed to resolving the dispute over its decision to resume nuclear activities "in a peaceful way," according to a commentary on the communist regime's foreign news agency. In appearances on ABC and NBC television Sunday, Secretary of State Powell said the Bush administration was "not trying to create a crisis atmosphere" regarding North Korea and had no plans for a preemptive strike. Powell added that while military action is an option, "it doesn't seem necessary or appropriate" right now.

Opposition leader Mwai Kibaki was confirmed as Kenya's president-elect by the country's electoral commission. His National Rainbow Coalition defeated the Kenya African National Union (KANU) of President Daniel arap Moi in Friday's vote, ending its 39-year hold on power. Kibaki has pledged to end rampant corruption, limit presidential powers, and fund education and health care. Critics have questioned whether he can act quickly enough to meet expectations in a country where more than half of the 30 million population lives on less than $1 a day.

A tanker carrying gasoline from Brazil arrived in Venezuela Saturday in a bid to ease severe shortages. The world's fifth-largest oil exporter has been hit by a nearly month-long oil strike and demonstrations aimed at forcing President Hugo Chavez from power. Concerns about Venezuela as well as potential conflict in Iraq drove oil prices to a 15-month high of $32.72 a barrel Friday. Some analysts say that figure may soon reach $35 a barrel.

Rescue workers concluded the search for victims of twin truck-bombings in the Chechen capital, Grozny. Friday's attack killed at least 57 people, injured more than 130 others, and destroyed the headquarters of the pro-Russian administration in the separatist province. An investigation was under way into how the three bombers obtained the Russian uniforms and IDs reportedly used to pass through security checkpoints.

After a series of fires caused more than $1.3 million in damage to a detention center for asylum-seekers in Australia, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said anyone found responsible "should face the full force of the law." Refugee advocates said the blazes were set to protest harsh conditions.

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