Instead of a heron

If I don't have any assignments planned or editing tasks awaiting me, sometimes on my way to work I'll stop to explore conservation land in my town and take some pictures. One recent morning, walking through the woods, I approached a pond that had wisps of steam rising off its surface. I worked the steam for a few images as a submerged creature produced ripples on the surface. Then a great blue heron lazily circled the pond before landing in a tree on the opposite bank. I set out to take a picture of that bird in the tree.

Despite my mission, I was waylaid by some orange fungus growing on a fallen tree covered with moss. (See photo on The Home Forum for Oct. 8.) I plunged on, and nearing the treed fowl, spied this spiderweb. It was not merely a spider web, but a spider web covered with droplets of dew. I left the dry trail, soaking my shoes and pant legs in the dewy grass. I put an adapter on my lens to bring me closer to the ephemeral jewels. Flushed with the exhilaration of this dazzling find, I was not fazed by the heron's unseen departure. Actually, I thank that heron for guiding me to this spider's glory.

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