And neither is Prince Philip

Contrary to rumor, Britain's monarch is not moving to Amherst, N.Y. But speculation that she might arose after the nearby Buffalo News reported that "Her Majesty the Queen" had paid $255,000 for a local house. It turns out that the name is shorthand for a legal trust: "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as represented by the Canadian Consulate General, Buffalo, New York" - the real buyer but far too much of a space-eater for the News's real estate listings. The house will be the residence of an official of the consulate and his family.

Hey, we can't promise that

In Colombia, which has had fits coping with decades of guerrilla war, the Army has called off a psychological campaign aimed at luring impressionable rebels into defecting. The plan was to air drop thousands of pamphlets featuring photos of bikini-clad models and the words, "Desert and obtain benefits," into the zones where the leftists hide. Sniffed Defense Minister Marta Lucia Ramirez: "I, as a woman, add myself to this protest." Besides, she said, the pamphlets don't fit in with the objective of making the rebels "useful to society."

Next time, take a nap

Authorities in southeast Ohio didn't have to search very long for a burglary suspect. That's because he was found fast asleep in the house he's accused of breaking into. A man called police after confronting a burglar in his home.

The resident told sheriff's officials that the suspect had gone into one of the bedrooms. When deputies arrived, they found the teenaged suspect asleep in the room. They woke him up and charged him with burglary.

Quote of the day

'This could be the catalyst the market is looking for

to enable this rally to continue into the New Year.'

- Harry Michas, a trader at as the Dow broke above 9,000 for the first time since August.

Where to buy if you want a 'prestige' label on your gift

Let's say you could do your holiday shopping anywhere in the world. Where to go? Forbes magazine is offering suggestions for the best places to buy anything from electronics to neckties. Its editors noted that while many of the items are available online, store ambiance isn't. Forbes' picks of the world's best shops, in selected categories:

Couture (women): Oscar de la Renta (at Bergdorf Goodman), New York
Suits: Anderson & Sheppard, London
Neckties: Herm├Ęs, Paris
Jewelry: Harry Winston, Beverly Hills, Calif., and New York
Toys: FAO Schwarz, New York
Books: Shakespeare & Co., Paris
Electronics: Red Rose Music, New York and Chicago
Gourmet food: Fauchon, Paris
Perfumes/soap: Fresh, Boston

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