Monitor quiz: Find the birds

OK, bird watchers. How many common bird names can you spot hiding in the words or phrases described below? (Example: The answer to the first question is 'CROWbar.')

1. A heavy tool to pry things apart.
2. Easily duped or fooled.
3. The hero of Sherwood Forest.
4. A curved section on a lamp.
5. A sharp lookout.
6. To repeat by rote; imitate.
7. In a straight line, over distance.
8. A joint used in cabinetmaking.
9. To walk with toes pointed inward.
10. A light greenish-blue.
11. A farewell performance.
12. Pleasing or delightful (slang).


(1) crowbar; (2) gullible; (3) Robin Hood; (4) gooseneck; (5) eagle eye, hawk eye; (6) to parrot; (7) 'as the crow flies'; (8) dovetail; (9) pigeon-toed; (10) robin's-egg blue; (11) swan song; (12) ducky.

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