Reporters on the Job

• MEET THE VILLAGERS: Russian villagers are notoriously insular and suspicious of outsiders. To get today's story (page 7), reporter Fred Weir asked for help from a private farmer, Anatoly Kibeka, who he had interviewed for another story. "He brought us [Fred and his interpreter] to Klyonovka, where he has good relations with the locals, and convinced two ladies to talk to us. He assured them we were 'good people' and 'not from the government.'

"Once they accepted us it was wonderful," says Fred. "We sat with each of them for a couple of hours, chatted, enjoyed their homemade preserves and tea. It was then a huge effort to convince them to be photographed. It took quite a lot of coaxing, and we promised to get copies of the pictures to them.

David Clark Scott
World editor

Follow-up on a Monitor Story

• FIRST IN ATHENS: American-born Yvette Jarvis, who has made Greece her home for 20 years, made history yesterday, by officially winning a seat on the Athens city council in the second round of voting. As reported in the Oct. 11 edition, Ms. Jarvis is the first black and first foreigner ever elected to municipal office in Athens. She will serve on a council headed by another history-maker: mayoral winner Dora Bakoyianni, who is Athens' first female mayor. Though the two women represent different parties, Jarvis says she is enthusiastic about working with Ms. Bakoyianni. "I'm looking forward to a positive collaboration," Jarvis says.

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