If organically grown or hormone-free foods were going to be popular among high school students anywhere, you'd figure it would be Berkeley, Calif., right? Nope. A program to promote "healthier" lunches at Berkeley High has ended because too few kids were buying them. Their preference: pizza.

Do not feed the gators

A tourist in Daytona Beach, Fla. who captured a live alligator at a putt-putt golf course was himself nabbed in a hotel parking lot, clutching the alligator and holding its mouth closed.

Derrick Dale Cooper, 22, of North Carolina, was charged with animal poaching and petty theft after using a noose to catch a 3-foot alligator Monday at the Congo River golf park, police said.

The putt-putt course was the scene of a similar incident last year when a pair of tourists were arrested for taking a gator to their hotel pool. Wildlife officials caught the pair as they were watching the animal swim.

Cooper was released Tuesday from the Volusia County Branch Jail after posting $1,000 bail. It was unclear if he had a lawyer.

The golf park has a permit to keep the alligators, which were raised in captivity.

Lost and found

A 20-pound goat on the lam for more than two weeks was captured during a weekend roundup.

"We had all the neighbors going 'Baaaa' in the woods last night, if you can imagine that," said Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer. "I was finally able to get close enough to get the net over it."

The animal – believed to be a domestic pygmy goat – was being put up temporarily at Kramer's house until the chief locates the owner or finds it a new home.

Kramer was trying to track down the owner of the gray and white goat through a metal Ohio Department of Agriculture tag in its ear.

Bagels vs. oranges

Its bagels vs. oranges in the baseball playoffs.

The five-game American League series began Tuesday, and so did the friendly wagers between city officials.

If the New York Yankees win the American League playoffs, Mayor Tom Daly of Anaheim, Calif., will send New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg a crate of Anaheim oranges and chilies.

If the Anaheim Angels win, Bloomberg will send Nathan's hot dogs and H&H bagels.

Daly said he's looking forward to chowing down on fresh-delivered New York hot dogs and bagels. But Bloomberg sounded confident about the Yankees' prospects.

"The chilies will help keep our lineup hot as we move on to the pennant," he said.

US's 10 best employers for working mothers

Some 26 million women in the US workforce juggle employee duties with raising a family. With them in mind, Working Mother magazine has released its 2002 list of the 100 best companies for women employed outside the home, based on schedule flexibility, family leave, and efforts to promote females. The top 10, in alphabetical order:

Abbott Laboratories; Abbott Park, Ill. (pharmaceuticals)
American Express; New York
Bank of America; Charlotte, N.C.
Booz Allen Hamilton; McLean, Va. (financial services)
Bristol-Myers Squibb; New York
Colgate-Palmolive; New York
Computer Associates; Islandia, N.Y. (software)
Fannie Mae; Washington
General Mills; Minneapolis
IBM; Armonk, N.Y.

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