A few final 'words' from our readers

Our visual conversation among photographers ends with images from you

Today we conclude our visual conversation. We've let Monitor readers have the final say.

For those of you just coming to this project, "A Visual Conversation" began with a photo by staff photographer Melanie Stetson Freeman. (See images below.) Her photo was sent to a second photographer with the request that she send a visual "answer," a complementary photo.

Her photo (and only her photo) was sent to a third photographer with the same charge. "Send a photo to pair with this one," and so on. The weekly series began running Aug. 15.

The inspiration for this project was a game invented by surrealist artists in the 1920s. "Exquisite Corpses" involved several artists drawing one figure on a single sheet of paper. The paper was folded each time so that no artist could see what a previous one had done.

In the Monitor's version, proposed by Feature Photo Editor Alfredo Sosa, each photographer saw only the previous photographer's image. (For a slide show of all the images, go to: www.csmonitor.com/visualconversation.)

Many thanks to everyone who participated. We were delighted with the wide range of the photos sent in, and the thought and effort that went into composing them.

We hope you were stimulated by this series, and that you enjoyed trying to figure out what the photographers were saying.

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