then they set a nap record

It was ready, set, slurp as 1,135 moms gathered to nurse their infants in unison at a theater in Berkeley, Calif., Saturday, breaking the record set two days earlier by 767 women in Australia. The city-sponsored event was timed to the start of World Breastfeeding Week and designed to raise awareness about benefits of the practice. The final count is being submitted to, you guessed it, Guinness World Records.

Who you gonna call?

At the movies, it's often Godzilla who terrorizes Japan. But Osaka, that nation's second-largest city, has fallen prey to a different sort of trouble: telemarketers. Lines became so overloaded July 29 that Nippon Telegraph and Telephone had to restrict service to 5.6 million phones, allowing only half of all calls to go through. NTT also suspended service to the alleged source of the disruption, for the second time in two weeks. It's thought to be a wangiri, or "one ring and cut" business, where operators leave callback numbers on cellphones. Those who phone in hear ads or may be connected to high-fee sex lines. "It's really becoming a social problem," an NTT spokesman said.

Among world's most valuable brands, Coke is still 'it'

The world's No. 1 soft drink retained its top spot as the most-valuable brand name, on a list by BusinessWeek and market-research firm Interbrand. Their annual ranking of the world's top 100 brands is based on a complex formula that assigns a present day value to projected future profits. The top 10 brands on BusinessWeek's list, with estimated values (in billions):

1. Coca-Cola $69.6

2. Microsoft 64.1

3. IBM 51.2

4. General Electric (GE) 41.3

5. Intel 30.9

6. Nokia 30.0

7. The Walt Disney Co. 29.3

8. McDonald's 26.4

9. Marlboro (Philip Morris Companies) 24.2

10. Mercedes (DaimlerChrysler AG) 21.0

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