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what: A website that offers life insurance education and resources. A completely revamped version of the link debuted last month.

THE BEST PARTS: It offers a free insurance quote based on a consumer's age, family health history, and personal habits (i.e. smoker or nonsmoker). By typing your area code into the site, you'll receive a list of links to life-insurance providers in your region. You can also get a full profile of the insurance agents they suggest.

The Education Page offers articles, a list of important questions you should ask your agent, and a glossary of insurance terms.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: The site is free, and says it's not affiliated with any insurance carriers. The featured regional agents are chosen after a review. Visitors to the site should skip the opportunity to take the "life insurance IQ test." The quiz has only four questions and they're not very difficult (or helpful).

This website will help people learn more about the kind of coverage they need, but unless you keep changing providers, one time through is probably enough.

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