Monitor Breakfast

Selected quotations from a Monitor breakfast with Democratic Congresswoman Nita Lowey.

Nita Lowey, congresswoman from New York, chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Ms. Lowey was first elected to Congress in 1988. Before that she served as Assistant Secretary of State for the State of New York.

On whether her Republican counterpart, Tom Davis, should be worried about this fall's election:

"Yes. I think Tom Davis has plenty of reason to be concerned. We are seeing that the public is worried. They feel the country is going in the wrong direction. All over the country, whenever I talk to candidates, they tell me about their town meetings and visits to supermarkets – people are worried, they see their life savings going down the tubes. They understand that the Republicans in the house have been delaying, delaying, delaying action."

On whether the sagging stock market has cut into campaign contributions:

"What I am seeing (from contributors) in the last few weeks is increased enthusiasm. They feel that there is a wind at our back. It is not exactly a cyclone yet.... There is a real enthusiasm among our contributors for the possibilities of Democrats taking back the House and being in control of the agenda. So I haven't seen a fall back (in contributions)."

On whether voters are concerned about an administration proposal to have citizens report suspicious activity:

"(In my latest district visit), no one asked me about the TIPS program. Nine out of 10 people said, 'What is going to happen to the economy? And what are you doing about prescription drugs?'... We have a responsibility as leaders and members of Congress to talk about the (TIPS) issue."

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