Ever enjoyed a show at Disney World that was capped by the release of pigeons into the sky? Well, treasure the memory, because the 30-year tradition is over. Park ornithologists discovered that predator hawks had learned when the pigeons would be freed and swooped in for an easy meal.

Humpty Dumpty Inc.: Biggest US firms to fall since 1980

With almost twice the assets, WorldCom Inc. outstripped Enron as the biggest corporate collapse in US history when it filed for Chapter 11 protection Sunday. The top 10 bankruptcies, the year of each, and each company's prefailure assets (in billions), according to tracker

1. WorldCom, 2002 $103.9

2. Enron, 2002 63.4

3. Texaco, 1987 35.9

4. Financial Corp. of America, 1988 33.9

5. Global Crossing Ltd., 2002 25.5

6. Adelphia Communications, 2002 24.4

7. Pacific Gas & Electric Co., 2001 21.5

8. MCorp, 1989 20.2

9. Kmart Corp., 2002 17.0

10. NTL Inc., 2002 16.8

– Reuters

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