Underscoring his push for a Homeland Security Department, President Bush visited Argonne (Ill.) National Laboratory, near Chicago, for a look at the latest in counterterrorism technology. Devices designed to detect cyanide gas, anthrax, and nuclear materials were among those featured. Congress hopes to finish legislation to create the Cabinet-level agency by year's end.

Bush sought to reassure investors that the nation's economic fundamentals remain sound, despite a continued plunge on Wall Street. Legislation to improve corporate accountability in the wake of the collapse of WorldCom, Enron, and other companies should help to ease market uncertainty, he said. He has asked Congress to send him the bill before the August recess.

A law that will impose limits on greenhouse-gas emissions by all passenger vehicles was to be signed by California Gov. Gray Davis (D). Scientists say the gases appear to contribute to global warming. The measure empowers the state's air resources board to set emissions standards by 2005, and they would apply to vehicles sold in California – the nation's biggest car market – by 2009. The new rules are strongly opposed by the auto industry, which contends they will raise prices and limit choice.

A Saudi national and ex-roommate of Zacarias Moussaoui pleaded guilty to seven counts of making false statements in US District Court in New York. Hussein al-Attas admitted that he lied about his acquaintance with Moussaoui, an alleged conspirator in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but denied any involvement. Moussaoui is due in federal court in Virginia later this week. After he tried to enter a guilty plea Thursday, the judge told him to take a few days to consider its consequences.

Officially joining the race for Florida governor, former attorney general Janet Reno was to file papers Monday. That followed heavy media attention for "Janet Reno's Dance Party," a tongue-in-cheek fundraiser at a Miami disco Friday. Reno, who served throughout the Clinton administration, is considered likely to win the Democratic nomination, but faces an uphill battle against incumbent Gov. Jeb Bush (R), the president's brother, in November.

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