Comic-book hero helps explain options

Kelmoore Investment Company of Palo Alto, Calif. has a new spokesman, and he's faster than a speeding stock-quote. In fact, he's an airborne comic-book hero; "Kaptain Kelmoore – Defender of Truth, Justice and a Balanced Portfolio."

Kelmoore Investments launched the comic because it believes that many investors do not fully understand the company's complex options-trading strategy.

In issue one, the Kaptain journeys to the "Land of Calls and Puts" to help "Jane Investor" figure out the complicated world of options trading. Kaptain Kelmoore answers all of Jane's questions even though she seems, at times, to be distracted by his manly physique. In the end, she learns the basics of options, puts, and calls, and so does the reader.

The company says that thus far, the Kaptain has been wildly popular with traders. Sadly, like most superheroes, he puts romance low on his list of priorities. Instead of staying to eat a Swedish meatball dinner with Jane, the Kaptain must fly off to help someone else.

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