With its tourist industry cut in half because of the latest Palestinian intifada, Israel has decided that each visitor who still arrives for a vacation deserves a special thank-you. Among other features of a new Tourism Ministry campaign: a red rose and a certificate of appreciation. "Not everyone comes these days," a spokeswoman said wistfully.

If it couldn't be US, whose citizenship would you want?

Americans, if forced to choose a country other than the US, would most prefer to be citizens of neighboring Canada, according to results of a new opinion poll. The survey of 2,142 adults was conducted May 23-29 via the Internet by Rochester, N.Y.-based research firm Harris Interactive. The countries polling highest, and the percentage of respondents who picked each:

1. Canada 28%
2. Australia 23%
3. Britain 9%
4. Italy 3%
(tie) Ireland 3%
(tie) France 3%
7. Germany 2%
(tie) Spain 2%
9. Mexico 1%
(tie) Japan 1%
– PRNewswire

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