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What: Ever wonder where the phrase "goody two-shoes" came from? How about the word "deadline?" This site delves into the etymologies of commonly used English words in a weekly newsletter, with a little humor added for good measure.

best points: You can ask "Melanie and Mike," the language aficionados who run the site, about any word, and they'll post it on the website with a response.

Most queries are answered in several weeks, and "rush jobs" are accepted, with a fee attached.

The privately owned site does all its own advertising, and also contains links to various Web dictionaries and etymology sites.

Sections of the website allow visitors to voice their opinions on a specific issue, or to simply argue with the resident "curmudgeons."

what you should know: The site doesn't accept every query it receives, and it won't let you know if yours has been answered. Some visitors might not enjoy the type of humor on the website, which tends to be somewhat sarcastic.

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