What do you suppose it would take to cause cancellation of a live performance of the H.G. Wells science fiction classic "The Invisible Man"? How about the lead character really being invisible? That happened earlier this month in Oldham, England. In the stage production, he wears bandages so his movements can be followed by the audience. Alas, the theater lights failed, and he disappeared from view completely. By the next day the problem had been fixed.

My old room? I'll be needing that, many college grads say

May is the month when new college graduates traditionally hug mom and dad and flee the nest for good, right? Maybe not. A new poll by MonsterTRAK, a division of Maynard, Mass.-based career website, found that in a tough job market, 63 percent of the more than 1,600 students surveyed said they expect to move back in with their parents after graduation – for at least the near term. Here's how long respondents said they expect to stay (and the percentage in each case):

Zero months (moving out): 37%
One to six months: 27%
Seven months to a year: 14%
More than a year: 22%
– Business wire

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