Don LeSuer was looking for a place to park his bus in Boston when he suddenly found himself hemmed in by police cruisers. What could be wrong, he wondered? He was only driving Livermore Falls (Maine) High School students on a field trip and had just let them off at one of the city's museums. But that was before one of the cops asked what he knew about the kidnapping. What kidnapping? LeSuer said. Well, the one referred to on the sign a student had hung in the back window, pleading for help. "Unfortunately," the officer concluded, "you're the victim of a prank." Yes, the incident was reported, and school administrators were waiting when the bus returned. The wise guy was suspended for two weeks, among other punishments.


Dressed in jeans and cowboy boots, 11,967 people jammed an exhibition center late last month for simultaneous line dancing. So, this must have been in Texas, right? Nope. It was the latest try for a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records by ... Singaporeans.

What experts say you should not eat or drink while driving

Because it's usually preferred hot and is likely to stain fabric, coffee tops a list of the most dangerous nonintoxicating items drivers consume while at the wheel compiled by Hagerty Classic Insurance Inc. The Traverse City, Mich.-based firm based its research in part on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which noted that food is easier to spot than other accident causes – such as cellphone use. The top 10 dine-and-drive hazards:

1. Coffee

2. Hot soup

3. Tacos

4. Chili-covered food

5. Juicy hamburgers

6. Barbeque

7. Fried chicken

8. Jelly- and creme-filled donuts

9. Soft drinks

10. Chocolate

– USA Today

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