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When introduced two years ago, it was expected to be in wide circulation by now – jingling in people's pockets along with nickels, quarters, and pennies. The problem is, not many people have demonstrated a dime's worth of interest in the golden Sacagawea dollar coin. So the US Mint has suspended production – except for enough to keep coin dealers and collectors supplied – for the rest of the year. Just how little has the coin caught on? The mint has a 3-1/2-year inventory in storage: 88 times the anticipated level. But at least it's been in greater demand than the last dollar-coin experiment: the Susan B. Anthony. It's not made at all.


Which country would you guess has the world's most representative government? Answer: probably Niue. The tiny South Pacific island, which has its next election in just a few weeks and has roughly 1,600 people and a parliament of 20 – or about 1 legislator for every 80 residents.

For vegetarian fans, it's a whole new ballgame

Hot dogs are a ballpark staple, but to appeal to vegetarian or otherwise diet-conscious baseball fans, an increasing number of stadiums carry fare such as veggie dogs and burgers, bean burritos, pasta, and salads, notes advocacy group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA's list of the top 10 vegetarian-friendly ballparks, and their home teams:

1. Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Fla.)

2. Coors Field, Colorado Rockies

3. SkyDome, Toronto Blue Jays

4. Network Associates Coliseum, Oakland A's (Calif.)

5. Pro Player Stadium, Florida Marlins

(tie) Cinergy Field, Cincinnati Reds

(tie) Comiskey Park, Chicago White Sox

8. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Dodgers

9. SAFECO Field, Seattle Mariners

(tie) Astros Field, Houston Astros

– Associated Press

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